The “real” bikers left

It was about 1984…a kid, about the age of 11 or 12, pulls from jacket what looked to me to me to be a very realistic to real gun which I hope was a bb-gun, and shows it to me in threatening manner…with grin… I WAS DOING NOTHING BUT RIDING!!! Time is about 4:00 on weekday rush hour. Standing room only. Block to three south of Case. The kids from then are apparently now mentoring the kids of today…

Wanted to beat him or slam him or something but was incredulous that it even happened. Won’t ride the Payne Ave, Route 64 now, as many other routes…unless in a pinch. Think about it folks, depending on how far you’re going, a cab is is only a few bucks more. East side went to hell when the “Real” bikers left…and I’m not a biker!!!

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