Good hard thwacks

I ride early enough in the morning that most of the time I get a seat to myself. Some mornings are packed for some reason, and for some reason the same lady used to always seems to sit next to me. I get on before she does so I end up with a window seat and I get off before she does. I’ll say “excuse me,” stand up, and wait. She kind of barely turns her legs out toward the aisle so I have to squish my butt past her. I carry a laptop backpack. It’s not one of those ginormous monster backpacks, but pretty much any backpack hangs off me awkwardly because I’m pretty small.

The first few times I took great care to squeeeeeze past her without thwapping my bag into her face or knocking her headcovering off. After about a week of this madness (and almost tripping and smashing my face into the seat across the aisle) I gave up and resigned to just letting whatever happen, happen. I got a couple of good hard thwacks in with my bag.

She hasn’t sat next to me since.

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