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Damn payless boots

I left work in the middle of the day (riding the bus mid-day is where the trouble starts) to go to an appointment. I was on the bus, minding my own business, reading, etc. I heard a women getting onto to the bus making all kinds of “struggling” type noises. Lots of “Oooh Lord” and “mmm hmmm”. I expected to see someone who was extremely obese, fighting to get up the stairs. Instead, it was a forty-something women with a cane. Not funny, right?

But the reason she was struggling is because she was wearing 5 INCH HEEL PAYLESS KNEE-HIGH BOOTS!! I’ve never seen someone look so uncomfortable in a pair of shoes!! She could barely walk, barely make it on the bus, and barely sit down. Not only were the boots apparently uncomfortable, but they also made her too TALL for her cane 😀

After a short ride, she proceeded to get off the bus – struggling just as hard and making noise. The whole time I’m thinking “TAKE OFF THE DAMN PAYLESS BOOTS, DUH!!”

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