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Stumble and Bob

This happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago or so, but it’s worth posting. He was on a bus in South Minneapolis on his way to a job interview when a stumbling drunk of a man pulls himself onto the bus, swings around on the pole and sits down w/o paying. The bus driver looks over at him and the man says “I’ll get you in a minute.” The bus pulls off and the guy puts on his headphones and starts head-bobbing to the music and at one point yells out “Yeah!”

A few stops later, another driver comes on the bus, taking over for the original driver who exits the bus. The bus pulls away. Somehow this guy notices and starts asking the new driver for a transfer (the guy still hasn’t paid). The driver explains she can’t do so. He continues to argue with her until she pulls over and calls the transit police.

My friend, who’d been watching the whole thing (and who was in a hurry to get to the interview) stood up, walked to the front, told the guy “You didn’t even pay to get on! Get off the bus now!” and turned to the driver, who was still on the phone and told her that he hadn’t paid. The guy pulls himself up on the pole, swings around, and exits the bus. The driver thanked him and told the police that a nice rider took care of it.

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