Foundation stains

Was riding the 11 when this crazy obviously drugged up woman was woken up by her boyfriend before their stop. She proceeded to attempt to groom herself and put on about 2 pounds of makeup (it wasn’t even close to being enough to cover all the sores on her face) and make a few swipes with a brush in her ratted out hair.

However while putting on some foundation, she spilled about half the contents of the container in her hand and proceeded to rub the excess on an empty seat neat to her. The two finally got off a few blocks later to the relief of most of the bus. But a few stops later the bus started to get really crowded and a few people were warning people not to sit in the seat with all the foundation rubbed on it.

Most people left the seat alone, but finally one woman in a really nice white dress got on and just wouldn’t believe that there was anything wrong with the seat and put her hand on it and said it was dry so she thought the people warning her were lying or something. So she sat down on the seat. She got off the bus before some of the people who had witnessed both incidents had gotten off and we all had a good laugh as we could clearly see the foundation stains dress.

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