The Devil and his devoured book

I have been looking for an outlet to this story for quite some time. I work in Nordeast so I typically ride the 6 downtown then transfer to the 10 or i just ride the 17W. This particular day I was riding the 10. After crossing the bridge on Hennepin, a man entered the bus. I was reading so i didn’t pay much mind to him. He was an older man wearing black jeans, and a black coat. Wrapped loosely around his neck was a red scarf. He had black shoes on which put me on edge because they were athletic shoes, like new balances, and they were black. i don’t know why but it freaked me out a little.

I was sitting in the back row on the far left side. He sat down on one of the side benches and took out a book. The book was wrapped tightly with a rubber band that kept it in a cylindrical shape so that the center formed an “S” shape. I looked for the title because I’m a little creepy and check out books that other people are reading on the bus. is that creepy? anyways, I look at the guy’s face for the first time. He is a white man. On this particular January day it was particularly dark and dreary but he was still wearing dark sunglasses. The hair on the top of his head was mostly gone but he still had a crown of white hair that curled upward like smoky wisps. This man was intensely into his book (I couldn’t see the title, I looked several times) and every minute or so this man would tear out the page that he was reading. After tearing out the page, he would fold it into quarters and then keep it in his left hand. A sense of dread filled my body. This man was devouring his book. He left nothing behind for reference or reflection.

I knew that I was looking at the devil.

now, i don’t believe in the devil and i don’t recommend that anyone does. But this man (?) made the case to me that after all the deep thought and reasoning that i have put into my stance on religion that a single event can really give a person the heebie-jeebies. it even made me wonder if my mom is right. naw…

He did this with 3 or 4 pages, I don’t really remember i was pretty wrapped up in my own head at the moment. We rode together in this moment for a couple stops and then he got off at Spring and Central but not before re-wrapping his book with the rubber band and placing the pages in his pocket. I hoped secretly in my heart that he would have left at Broadway and Central though i cannot exactly explain why…

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