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Rockstar in black

Originally posted on May 25, 2009 by joshuawithers

Rockstar in black on the bus

Richard Simmons?

Originally posted on May 21, 2009 by selfishchimp

Shiny clothes on the bus

Sailors were blushing

On the 270 this AM and when I got on, there was a woman speaking very loudly on her cellphone – okay, rude, but whatever. Then she started cussing a mean streak – Sailors were blushing! Continue reading ‘Sailors were blushing’

Steel Reserve – H20 edition

I was on the 50 this morning going to St. Paul. It’s a quiet bus and our driver is pretty awesome. 2 women and 3 kids get on–2 kids looked about 13, one about 5 or 6. They all had suitcases & had the look you get when you’ve just gotten back from vacation–‘get me home now’. Continue reading ‘Steel Reserve – H20 edition’

Busing Among the Palms

We were planning to move from Los Angeles to Miami, where I had inherited a better car. So we sold the one we had, only to have our plans delayed by a year. The City of the Angels features 24-hour service on certain routes, with parallel such routes often miles apart. Still, you can get around if you have to. It’s a pretty interesting ride at 3 a.m. Continue reading ‘Busing Among the Palms’

Cookie is the answer

I drive the 3 line and enjoy it for the foreign students. I’ve managed to have a few conversations and learn a bit about their countries. One of the passengers with whom I spoke was an Egyptian woman with a preschool-aged daughter, Maya. Continue reading ‘Cookie is the answer’

“Swine-infested” bus

As the swine flu pandemic continues it finally hit the metro bus 21. I was heading to a job interview in the middle of the day so that bus was fairly crowed but I still managed a seat towards the front. As the bus pulls up to the next stop there was a woman standing there who was yelling to the bus driver a special request. Apparently she couldn’t get up the stairs on the bus so she had to use the handicap chair lifts to get her on the bus. As the wheelchair lift finally pulls the woman inside the bus its seen by everyone her swine flu mask. Continue reading ‘“Swine-infested” bus’

Ahhhh, Shakespeare’s birthday!

I was waiting in mildenhall for the 727 to norwich to arrive to take me back to thetford. It was set to arrive for 11:50, but instead the 696 to london arrived before, as it was also a national express i got confused, so decided to approach the bus driver. Continue reading ‘Ahhhh, Shakespeare’s birthday!’

Like Christmas day

My wife and I moved back to Minneapolis in Spring of 2006 after a 5-year hiatus from the Twin Cities to sample the East Coast and then Anchorage, Alaska.  If anyone has moved to, or from, Alaska, you will doubtlessly know that it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to get your household goods (and vehicles) shipped to you via barge. Continue reading ‘Like Christmas day’

Making up time

I work for HOURCAR which means that I spend quite a bit of time biking and riding the bus around the cities to move our fleet of shared cars around and keep them in tip-top shape. Once last summer I biked over to a car at a shop on Lake Street and drove it back to its home in Uptown. I was ready to bike back down the greenway but a thunderstorm came in and it started to pour, so I walked my bike over to the Uptown Transit Station where there was a 53 bus waiting to leave. It went on the front, and I went inside, ready for a slightly-faster-than-the-21 ride across Minneapolis. At least I’d be dry. Continue reading ‘Making up time’