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Huffin’ Paint

*This is my mom’s bus tale and it’s old but I still love it. On a sparsely populated bus from the first-ring western suburbs, a man gets on the bus on that stretch of Olsen Memorial Hwy immediately west of downtown. After a few minutes he takes out an empty soda can and starts huffing paint or some sort of solvent from the can. Everyone on the bus is visibly disturbed as a strong chemical smell permeates the bus. Continue reading ‘Huffin’ Paint’

Cautious to a Fault

Every now and then, for no apparent reason, bus rides turn in horrible ordeals. Tonight was one such night. My Route 14 was supposed to pick us up at 6th and Nic at 5:40. At 5:50 we were still waiting there with no sign of a 14 anywhere. Continue reading ‘Cautious to a Fault’

Santa and his Weed

I was taking the 21 and this lady with a stroller is flagging down the bus with her little girl. The bus stops, and waits for her, and she comes on the bus saying she’s too old to have kids. She’s searching all of her pockets and in the stroller for her transfer and she tells the driver, “This is what happens when you let a three year old hold your transfer!! I don’t have any more money… Continue reading ‘Santa and his Weed’

Bus Etiquette – The Comfort Zone

Scenario: So I head to my bus stop this morning, and it being January in Minnesota, it is FREEZING out! As I approach my stop there is one person waiting in front of me for the bus. I stop about 3 feet back from the guy to create a comfortable space between us. Shortly after that a 3rd person walks up and instead of taking his place behind me he walks past me and squeezes himself into the 3ft comfort zone I had alotted. WHAT?? As the bus approached he then stepped up to the curb and hopped on first. Seriously guy, I find that horribly rude! I know that city buses don’t usually queue up like the suburb buses do, but c’mon!

Colon Cleanser

There are some strange bus riders and drivers. What do you think of the black lady driver that wears a different colored flower on the side of her head every day. I remember a black driver that did this 15 or 20 years ago. is this the same lady driver? Continue reading ‘Colon Cleanser’

Inner Peace

Once i got onto the bus, i pulled out my book on spiritual awakening and inner peace, having a read, writing down some quotes and thinking about the meaning. Jotting down ideas and thoughts about life, although, i dropped my pen at one point and it flew across the bus, nice one.  An oldish man got on, (by oldish i mean late 50’s) anyway, he had his music player in and his tired legs and beer belly were no match for the bus which drove off before he could get his seat, i just kept thinking, please don’t sit near me. Which, by chance, he did anyway. One seat behind. Continue reading ‘Inner Peace’

Keep Austin Weird

Hi Minnesotans. I’m a former Twin Cities resident now living in Austin, TX. While riding the Capital Metro 17 through downtown Austin an “interesting” character boarded with a guitar and sat in the back row. That part of the bus is elevated, creating sort of a stage. He proceeded to serenade us with an improv/ad lib rendition of a song to which only he knew the words. Continue reading ‘Keep Austin Weird’

Wrung Out

Sometimes I have to wait when catch the bus home after 9 or so. But the other night, an orange 4 was sighing to a halt in front of me within a few minutes — and I was thankful: after a long day, I felt like a dirty mop. I’d fought against the clock, but it had won – and now it was dark. Sinking into a middle-facing seat, I plugged into my radio. I watched stops go by one by one. Parks, streetlights, families, carts – all seemingly wandering in the night. I closed my eyes to save strength to get me home. Continue reading ‘Wrung Out’

Picked up on a bus

So I get off the train from the airport coming back from a business trip out of state and am waiting for the six to take me home downtown. I’m just hanging out with my bag when this girl that had been standing there before I got there comes up and asks me where I had been. I think she’s probably a crazy lady because she’s talking to me, a total stranger. Continue reading ‘Picked up on a bus’

I’ll give you one of my teeth

Being i had no other way to get to work, i called the public bus company and asked where i wait for the bus, what time, and what bus number. they told me to wait on colorado blvd. and 11th Ave. stupid me . . . i went there, but i was waiting on the wrong side of the street so instead of going south, i took a LONG journey up north until the bus turned around. then some old smelly guy sat down next to me. he was gross. i just tried to look the other way. Continue reading ‘I’ll give you one of my teeth’