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No you can’t ride

I have been a mechanic at metro transit for 23 years. One very cold winter, 1991 halloween snow storm, we were towing a bus south on central ave and I was steering the bus. I had to leave the front doors open to run the air supply hose for the brakes. We were stopped at 27th ave. light, two older women standing at the bus stop asked where the bus was headed, I told them that the bus was out of order and in tow, they got very angry at me and said that they were cold, I told them that I was also cold, and pointed to the big tow truck. As we started moving again they started yelling profanties at me. I thought the whole thing was pretty funny.

Damn payless boots

I left work in the middle of the day (riding the bus mid-day is where the trouble starts) to go to an appointment. I was on the bus, minding my own business, reading, etc. I heard a women getting onto to the bus making all kinds of “struggling” type noises. Lots of “Oooh Lord” and “mmm hmmm”. I expected to see someone who was extremely obese, fighting to get up the stairs. Instead, it was a forty-something women with a cane. Not funny, right? Continue reading ‘Damn payless boots’

True love

I don’t remember the route number, maybe St. Paul’s 7, but one of my best memories of the bus is taking the bus from St. Kate’s to the main library in downtown St. Paul on a winter day sitting there with my bag of trashy romance novels and watching an older couple (70’s) get on carefully, sit down on the Seniors seats at the front and then automatically reach for the other’s hands. Being young, being starry-eyed romantic, and cheerfully single this simple gesture told me that despite the statistics that true love does happen and does last forever. I hope they’re still holding hands fifteen years later.

The world is not wheelchair accessible

Heading eastbound on the 21 last Sunday, a youngish man in a wheelchair got off the bus at Lake St. and Hiawatha across the street from Target. He then started to zip across Lake St. at top speed Continue reading ‘The world is not wheelchair accessible’

Who needs soap operas?

I get to ride in with the “guests” staying at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility to Downtown St Paul every morning, cuz I live about one mile up the route from the jail. I ride home with ’em in the afternoons too, four days a week. I eavesdrop on all kinds of stories about carousing, drinking, drinking & driving Continue reading ‘Who needs soap operas?’

Pure body stench

Im a driver on a suburban regional route, pretty quiet most of the time. Even on the burbs there are people who are “lacking hygenic skills.” Are they homeless making the rounds on MTC buses, as many do daily, or just folks afraid of water, I don’t know. Continue reading ‘Pure body stench’

Bible deflection shield

On the University Ave bus, along Midway St Paul, the usual over-full passenger load for that route, a couple people standing in the aisle by the back door, I approached the one open aisle-seat back a few from the front. As my eyes did their rapid scan of seat cleanliness and sittability regarding the person in the window-seat, a 30-ish, serious looking woman held a Bible at half arms-length in both hands, front cover pointing at me, and like an energy shield deflected me back to stand with the others in the aisle by the back door.

Permission to sniff

The best story I have about riding on the bus happened about 25 years ago. During rush hour, the bus is packed and I’m stting in the back on the seats that face each other and two well-dressed business women are sitting on the opposite bench. This being Minnesota, there is a space in between them of course. Continue reading ‘Permission to sniff’

Twin Cities vs. Chicago

I moved to mpls/st. paul almost a year ago from chicago. Always took public trans in chicago and planned on doing the same here. We live in st. paul and i take the 134 to downtown mpls. I’m writing to share my amazement over the level of service vs chicago. Continue reading ‘Twin Cities vs. Chicago’

The Bitch Stare

I am a bus driver of 15 years, I would like to know one thing. When I greet each person that steps on the bus , Why can’t I get a simple response? I get the bitch stare instead. Is it something I might of said? Why do you get on and totaly ignore the fact I’m even there? Continue reading ‘The Bitch Stare’