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Finding Relief at the Bus Stop

Last Friday I was waiting for the 16 route bus at nicollet mall and washington. I was waiting in the shelter looking head, so I turn around to see if a bus was coming and this older guy was standing there pissing. Ackkk, anyways the guy then walks over to his wheelchair which was outside the shelter, goes to over another bus, which puts the lift out. People like this just irritate me.

Hacking loogies is not directly banned

The left front handicapped seat this morning was filled with a covered stroller. The right front handicapped seat was filled with a very large baby mama and her equally large younger sister. I was in the seat right behind. Continue reading ‘Hacking loogies is not directly banned’

Baby Jam

Two young girls hopped on the 21 from their alternative school and didn’t look much older than 16 years old. One of their cell phone’s rang with the ring tone to a Justin Bieber song. The other girl goes… “OOOOOHHHH!! That was my JAM when I was pregnant! Baby, Baby, Baby OOOOHH!”

What were you drinking?

On the 21 the other day, an old Native American man without any teeth stumbles on the bus, falling over and tripping over every one. Continue reading ‘What were you drinking?’

Epic Beard Man

It’s with some hesitation that I post this video, but this is obviously one of the realities of public transit. So with that, and with the disclaimer that BusTales in no way endorses violence, here is a video of the “Epic Beard Man.” Also, please be warned that there is obscene language. Continue reading ‘Epic Beard Man’

Being Invisible

Several times i have noticed a person on the 133 bus route who is entirely covered from head to toe. He wears a long green wool trench coat, a full-face balaclava and gloves. This is finished off with a pair of ski goggles (mirrored goggles, no less). Not even a nose pokes out, and I have never seen him remove a single article of this ensemble. What’s more, he does not speak to other passengers, or even read, while riding the bus. He sits silently until his stop, then pulls the cord and shuffles off the bus. Continue reading ‘Being Invisible’


Today, after hopping on the 6, outside Block E, I made my way to the back of the bus where there were two passengers. The first, a handsome young student who sat staring straight ahead. The second, and older man who was busy doing working on something in his lap. When I got closer, the second man was clearly rolling a joint on his lap! Continue reading ‘Rolling’

Turning a blind eye

So, I was waiting for the bus at Uptown Transit today when this blind guy was trying to get on a bus to ask which one it was. He heard it approach, and the bus lane is for buses to stop only, but traffic on Hennepin was bad and people are jerks and were using the bus stop lane as a driving lane. He kept trying to get on the non-existent bus and the people next to him were ignoring him, and so I decided to approach him. Continue reading ‘Turning a blind eye’

Scammed and in love

This happened to me on the 21 line way back in 1991, I recently wrote about it on my blog and thought I’d share….

As I sat on the bus on my way to my boyfriends house I noticed some gambling/betting happening. I was in a seat close by so I watched what was going on. Continue reading ‘Scammed and in love’

Walk on, Walk Off

I was on a 17, dt and 9th a young 20 something girl gets on and walks past the fare and asks if anyone has $.50 and one of the other passengers digs in his pocket grabs couple quarters and by this time the bus was headed to the next stop the girl gets the $.50 and heads back to the front of the bus and we are at next stop driver opens the door to let passengers on and the gal walks right off the bus and the few of us on the bus just look at each other and laugh. Never saw that before.