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Look but don’t touch

I always give the seat a quick scan to make sure there is nothing I wouldn’t want to sit on. One day I was going to sit in the seat directly behind the back door when I noticed some poopy looking substance smeared on the divider. Continue reading ‘Look but don’t touch’

Underlines and Question Marks

To the guy on the bus this morning who:

a) Sat in the outside seat and forced other to stand,
b) Sat his giant, blue duffle bag on the inside seat,
c) Gnawed on the same apple for 25 minutes,
d) Sat with his legs crossed, and Continue reading ‘Underlines and Question Marks’

Is this the bus?

Last week I pulled into a bus stop because someone was sitting in the bus shelter. The man got up and stumbled to the outside of the shelter, propped himself up-somewhat and cigarette hanging out of his mouth asks, “Is this the bus?” Continue reading ‘Is this the bus?’

Comb my hair

Riding home on the bus I sat in front of a guy and a girl, both young adults. After hearing them laugh for about 2 minutes straight I decided to put my headphones on. As I was nearing my stop I took off my headphones just in time to hear this gem of a conversation: Continue reading ‘Comb my hair’

The “real” bikers left

It was about 1984…a kid, about the age of 11 or 12, pulls from jacket what looked to me to me to be a very realistic to real gun which I hope was a bb-gun, and shows it to me in threatening manner…with grin… I WAS DOING NOTHING BUT RIDING!!! Continue reading ‘The “real” bikers left’

Fight annoying with annoying

I was pleased to see someone on the bus this morning fight annoying with annoying. It was at least an entire block before the next stop and I watched as an impatient woman in a window seat began shuffling around, eventually standing up and asking the girl next to her to let her out. So instead of getting up out of her seat, the girl just moved her legs slightly out of the way, forcing the woman to squeeze between her and the seat. Normally I dislike anyone that doesn’t get out of their seat to let the inside person out, but in this case it was the perfect response to Miss Ancy Pants.

The round red imprint

Today (4/20) on the bus, a guy got on and refused to pay the fare. He must be a local bum/derelict/loafer/drunk known for doing this repeatedly, because the bus driver recognized him right away and said, “You don’t pay — you don’t get on. If you’re not paying, you cannot ride.” The bum/loafer/etc completely ignored him, and marched to the very back of the bus, and plunked down in the very back seat. Continue reading ‘The round red imprint’

I didn’t pee my pants

For the last few weeks I’ve been really into a book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Yesterday, on my ride home I was getting close to the end so I was especially absorbed. The half hour ride from downtown to the Midway was over in a minute and as we were pulling up to my stop I reluctantly grabbed my bookmark and closed the book. I still had a few pages left. Continue reading ‘I didn’t pee my pants’

Baby, anyone?

I was waiting for bus 68 one night at 6th and Robert, and this drunk man shuffled by the bus stop and said “Do any of you ladies want to have a baby with me?” There was silence, and then a woman waiting for the bus said “Did he just say he wanted to have a baby with us?” Nobody took him up on his offer.

4 male ponytails

The other morning, when I sat down at the back bench of the #4 bus, there were only 2 male ponytails on the entire bus, one up front (Ponytail #1), then one sitting near ME, who had thin, unkempt hair, kinda fuzzy and balding on top, then as you go down the length of the ponytail, you can see where the gray used to be red not so long ago… Fastener of Choice? Continue reading ‘4 male ponytails’