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Shining Athletic Achievement

It’s a scientific proof that it doesn’t matter what time I leave my house in preparation for my morning commute, I will always just miss the bus. Always. As I approach the bus terminal on this January morning, per the usual, my 94C bus has just pulled away from the platform in the opposite direction of my travel. Continue reading ‘Shining Athletic Achievement’

Deepest reaches of his personhood

A rotund dude got on the bus wearing a track suit. It was pretty crowded, and I was sitting near the back. He put some coins in the fare box and proceeded to walk towards an open seat. The bus driver called him back because he was a bit short. He walked back and while reaching for some change, plunged his right hand a bit too forcefully into his right pocket of his track suit pants. Continue reading ‘Deepest reaches of his personhood’

Bus Ride with Ana

LA bus rider and bus fashion photographer, Ana H.R. takes Ethan of Doin’ it with Ethan on a bus ride. Love the quote “the bus ride can be convenient at times, inconvenient at times, and you always always meet crazy people.”

Punk In A Vest

We are in the throes of summer. The weather has been all over the place… inconsistent in its emotions, much like me. Humid and unbearable one week… Warm breezes, beautiful and tolerable the next… spliced with intermittent rain showers. Needless to say, I’ve been trying to make the most out of it. Continue reading ‘Punk In A Vest’

Eric Skripka Donations

As many bus riders have likely read, a good Samaritan who was attempting to stop a thug from beating on his girlfriend got a whole heap of hurt for his efforts: Continue reading ‘Eric Skripka Donations’

Common sense is not common

Gotta love teenage drama in today’s society. I’m on the bus (only customer on) and chatting with the driver when the bus pulls up to West 7th St & Grand Ave. Two teenage “young ladies” get on and their in the middle of arguing with each other. So we go from a nice quiet ride to this. Continue reading ‘Common sense is not common’

Metro Transit Idol

A pleasant bus tale for a change! The big beautiful black lady who drives the 23 can really sing! In addition, she’s really bubbly, friendly, and smiles a lot; things rarely associated with Metro Transit drivers. She’s probably too old for American Idol, which is too bad ‘cuz she could easily be Minnesota’s Jennifer Hudson!

Stumble and Bob

This happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago or so, but it’s worth posting. He was on a bus in South Minneapolis on his way to a job interview when a stumbling drunk of a man pulls himself onto the bus, swings around on the pole and sits down w/o paying. The bus driver looks over at him and the man says “I’ll get you in a minute.” The bus pulls off and the guy puts on his headphones and starts head-bobbing to the music and at one point yells out “Yeah!” Continue reading ‘Stumble and Bob’

Meeting in the Middle

I was riding the 16 around 10pm, and it was just me and two other guys in the back area. The two guys made eye contact, and start to communicate a drug deal. The bag not looking too great to begin with, was first offered at $40, the customer felt he must barter and suggested $25, this went on to continue for another few minutes until a final price was reached at $33. All of this which happened while I was sitting in between them both. I really hoped the guy didn’t have exact change.

Seat Hog

On the 86th Street Crosstown Bus. The guy was eating a smelly egg sandwich, yapping on his phone, putting his garbage on the seats, and hogging the seat next to him. Continue reading ‘Seat Hog’