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Quit crying munchkin!

I saw an event this morning on my way into work that brings to mind the tale somebody else shared about the person who fell in the isle of the bus, and the delay in others picking them up. Continue reading ‘Quit crying munchkin!’

This is like Heaven

About a month ago, I was getting on a very crowded bus 2 where only standing room was left. The other passengers filed in after me until the bus was completely full, and still people were trying to board. As one last passenger stepped onto the first step of the bus, our driver yelled out the door “No more!”. The young man on the step looked around confused and began to back-up. As he did so, the driver told him loudly “Not you son, this is like heaven. Once you’re in, you’re in!”

Sign of Courtesy

This is a second-hand bus tale, but the source is trustworthy. My friend climbed aboard the 4 last year and as she was scanning the empty seats she noticed one where a bus schedule had been unfolded and draped over the back. There was something scribbled on it. When she walked closer she could read it: Continue reading ‘Sign of Courtesy’

Overwhelmed by concern

About a week ago, I’m on the 16 riding toward the University. The bus is standing room only when suddenly the bus driver slams on the brakes, sending everyone standing hurtling forward. Most people manage to catch themselves, but one older gentleman, about six people in front of me, actually falls down and appears to be in some pain. Continue reading ‘Overwhelmed by concern’

Grandma in a candy store

My grandma, who is from a small town in Iowa, was coming back from a trip out East to visit her daughter. She had left her car at my place while she was gone. I was supposed to pick her up at the airport, so I thought – why not leave the car at home and pick her up on the train? Continue reading ‘Grandma in a candy store’

My bus hottie

My husband and I met on the 134 when we were both commuting from Highland Park to downtown Mpls. Most people keep to themselves on this commuter route, and I certainly didn’t have the guts to speak to him. For about a year, I called him my bus hottie and would occassionally fill my friends in on sightings. Continue reading ‘My bus hottie’

I’m going to talk about money

I missed the express bus and needed to hop on the ‘slow boat’ 4 heading north into downtown. Around 36th street a woman got on – probably in her 50th, looking a little ragged – and sat in the front row next to a professional looking man. Continue reading ‘I’m going to talk about money’

Smelly Red Jacket Guy

I ride the 11C from downtown every weekday. If I ride the 5:04 bus, 9 times out of 10, a 50’s-ish gentleman (stretch of the term, really) inevitably sits with me, should I have happened to find an open seat. This wouldn’t bother me normally, but this particular guy in a red jacket, is a smoker, who has obviously just put out his cigarette the moment the bus opens the door. (let’s call him “Smelly Red Jacket Guy”) Continue reading ‘Smelly Red Jacket Guy’

Harry the lady lover

I was riding my bus last week when a particularly chatty and loud man (let’s call him Harry) got on a few stops after me. Harry was talking to the people sitting around him when a woman got on the bus a few stops later. She had a plaid coat with a fur collar, and Harry asked if he could buy it for his wife. Continue reading ‘Harry the lady lover’

The Devil and his devoured book

I have been looking for an outlet to this story for quite some time. I work in Nordeast so I typically ride the 6 downtown then transfer to the 10 or i just ride the 17W. This particular day I was riding the 10. After crossing the bridge on Hennepin, a man entered the bus. I was reading so i didn’t pay much mind to him. He was an older man wearing black jeans, and a black coat. Wrapped loosely around his neck was a red scarf. Continue reading ‘The Devil and his devoured book’