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Unbathed and out of sorts

Twenty years ago, I was traveling from Corpus Christi to Boston. I remember being somewhere in South Carolina, feeling very sick, and a woman brought me cream of mushroom soup in a styrofoam coffee cup. I was so thankful.

Door-to-Door Service

Paul is a busdriver for Rochester City Lines, who has become a friend over the years. I first met Paul when he drove the last bus that left from the college, and arrived downtown at the transfer station around 10 p.m. My house was still quite aways from downtown, but I could easily walk to […]

Good old 1040

I’m a retired bus driver! After nearly 27 yrs. of driving, I do have many stories. I will not relate them now. I just want to say “WHAT A TRIP THOSE YEARS WERE” The thing I miss most about the job? The wonderful people I met. this is “GOOD OLD 1040” saying Thanks for the […]

Breaking up is hard to do

This story goes back a couple of years, to the early 2000’s, and I remembered it while reading some of these fabulous stories on bustales.


I ride the bus in Rochester, and have for several years. The bus culture is very diverse: You have your Mayo Clinic doctors and staffers going between Park ‘n’ Ride and clinic buildings; you have lots of ethnicity because Rochester prides itself in its diversity.

No you can’t ride

I have been a mechanic at metro transit for 23 years. One very cold winter, 1991 halloween snow storm, we were towing a bus south on central ave and I was steering the bus. I had to leave the front doors open to run the air supply hose for the brakes. We were stopped at […]

Pure body stench

Im a driver on a suburban regional route, pretty quiet most of the time. Even on the burbs there are people who are “lacking hygenic skills.” Are they homeless making the rounds on MTC buses, as many do daily, or just folks afraid of water, I don’t know.

The Bitch Stare

I am a bus driver of 15 years, I would like to know one thing. When I greet each person that steps on the bus , Why can’t I get a simple response? I get the bitch stare instead. Is it something I might of said? Why do you get on and totaly ignore the […]

Exit by rear

Most of the time, fellow riders are kind and thoughtful of one another. The following situation bugs the crap out of me and if it’s been published before, please feel free to delete this entry (or edit at will):

Survival Tips

I am a frequent user of public transportation and can offer the novice rider some survival tips.