All tales from Route ?

Drivers think you’re a jerk

This happened at Snelling Garage about fifteen years ago. Each garage has several dispatchers who assign the buses to the drivers and make sure that the work gets covered when a driver gets sick, oversleeps or doesn’t make it to work for whatever reason.

Cell phone sin

My question is less a tale to tell and more a question to pose for busriders. What, if any, are the “bus cell phone rules?” I’m guessing most of us have encountered a loud bus cellphone talker at some point. The person who blabs on and on in what seems to be an unnecessarily loud […]

Nails flying in all directions

Many years ago (over 30) when I was a college student attending the University of Minnesota, I would take the bus from Northeast Minneapolis to campus (I can’t remember the number). A woman would sit in the front of the bus and clip her fingernails, with the nails flying in all directions. This image has […]

Lost in translation

I was describing this site to another driver, Leo, and he came up with a couple of good stories. Back when the fare was $1.50 he picked up five passengers at a stop, only one of whom spoke even a smattering of English. He believes they were German.

The Mental Makeover

It’s guaranteed that – depending on which bus line you ride – between 25 and 100% of your fellow riders will seriously need a makeover. So if it’s one of those days when you’re out of reading material and gazing out the window just won’t do, consider performing the Mental Makeover.

Tip-toeing to the bathroom

One morning while on the bus we were stopped at a very busy intersection where two city streets meet. I looked up to see that the light was green for us, and cars were passing us in the left lane. I wondered why we weren’t moving, and I looked out the window to see our […]

Take this, it’s free

I, as a driver found a “stored value” card with $8 bucks left on it after checking the bus after an a.m. express run. Because I usually have the same bus every day, I keep L & F items on board for a week or so, then if not claimed, it gets turned in. No […]

First day of college

My first day of college at the U of M will be a day that will live on in my mind as of the worst days of my life. I was very nervous about taking the bus as I had only taken the bus to the Mall of America two or three times and those […]

Sleepy behind the wheel

The best bus stories are told in the garages where drivers swap tales. Perhaps there is a shared need to confirm that each is not the only one experiencing some of the strangeness that occurs out there. One day there was a discussion of getting sleepy while behind the wheel. John mentioned that he was […]

Large Coke and Fries!

I was on a seemingly endless Greyhound ride from Missoula MT to Toledo OH many years ago. Somewhere during the night out in the middle of nowhere we stopped for a break at some lowly fast food joint. It was probably 3 or 4 in the morning and oddly enough, I was the only passenger […]