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Tiny Dancer sing-along

From the driver: I got bored driving the Milledge Ave. route on a Friday so I got my entire bus to sing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” just like in the movie “Almost Famous”. Thanks to the guy who filmed this and then emailed me the video.

Bus Ride with Ana

LA bus rider and bus fashion photographer, Ana H.R. takes Ethan of Doin’ it with Ethan on a bus ride. Love the quote “the bus ride can be convenient at times, inconvenient at times, and you always always meet crazy people.”

Punk In A Vest

We are in the throes of summer. The weather has been all over the place… inconsistent in its emotions, much like me. Humid and unbearable one week… Warm breezes, beautiful and tolerable the next… spliced with intermittent rain showers. Needless to say, I’ve been trying to make the most out of it.

Epic Beard Man

It’s with some hesitation that I post this video, but this is obviously one of the realities of public transit. So with that, and with the disclaimer that BusTales in no way endorses violence, here is a video of the “Epic Beard Man.” Also, please be warned that there is obscene language.

Inner Peace

Once i got onto the bus, i pulled out my book on spiritual awakening and inner peace, having a read, writing down some quotes and thinking about the meaning. Jotting down ideas and thoughts about life, although, i dropped my pen at one point and it flew across the bus, nice one. ¬†An oldish man […]

Rockstar in black

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Richard Simmons?

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Busing Among the Palms

We were planning to move from Los Angeles to Miami, where I had inherited a better car. So we sold the one we had, only to have our plans delayed by a year. The City of the Angels features 24-hour service on certain routes, with parallel such routes often miles apart. Still, you can get […]

I’ve got problems and more gloves

Sometimes I like to ride the transit bus. It gives me some down time, time to evaluate myself and my problems. I’ve got problems and riding the bus gives me time to try to find, and ask for, solutions. I rarely talk to the other bus people but sometimes someone wants to tell a story, […]

Increased fares and frowns on the faces

Bus fares went up today, putting frowns on the faces of the ridership. There is something that might save money for some and I don’t think its widely known. It is possible to buy an Event Pass for $3.50, which is good for six hours and can be used on express buses without incurring the […]