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All tales from Route 94

Shining Athletic Achievement

It’s a scientific proof that it doesn’t matter what time I leave my house in preparation for my morning commute, I will always just miss the bus. Always. As I approach the bus terminal on this January morning, per the usual, my 94C bus has just pulled away from the platform in the opposite direction […]

Out of the wheelchair

Have you ever seen those folks on the bus whom, no matter how many people are standing up, still decide to take up another seat with their bag, newspaper or themself? Well, as bad as that can be- this sighting was even worse and much more baffling to me.

Crossed Routes

Long ago, way back when the bus company was still the MTC, there were two routes that came in from Woodbury that crossed each other before getting downtown. One was the 94M, the other was the 94W. Both routes were shown on a single map.

Nothing in the job description

I was driving a 94 line, starting at 4th & Mn. A man rode his bike to a bus laying over, I was across the street. He see’s me, asks what bus it is, I tell him 94 & it will pick up at shelter in 10 minutes. He then gets mad and starts arguing […]

Something you’d hear on television

So I missed my usual ride home. The 94 is the first backup route that I use. Once on, I sit down in one of the front seats. In the front row is a man. He’s staring out the window and is speaking. The speech is like something you would hear on television. First, he […]

Hunting for it’s next victim

I was hardly awake as I stepped onto the 94 as I always had to make my way into downtown Minneapolis. The driver was running late. The bus only had room for me to stand – banishing me from my morning routine of zoning out to passing urban scenery.

Counting Exercises

While zipping by the stacked cars in traffic on the Express Bus, I’ll do three counting exercises, peering into the windows or at the front of the cars, to help pass the time.