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All tales from Route 74

On the 74 out of town

On the 74 out of town Towards Home A young woman came on

For Madmen Only

The 74 bus pulled up to the curb and opened its doors in welcome. A few steps took me inside to the warmth and familiarity of the same short trip, made many days at the same hour to pick up my kids at school. I paid my fare with a plastic card and took my […]

Other people’s crazy

I was on the 74 the other day, on my way to downtown STP. A woman got on the bus at W 7th and sat in the first seat, opposite the driver. She began to loudly yell at the bus driver to stop jerking the bus around.

But the porch light was on!

Believe it or not, some drivers spoil their passengers. One such was Jim, who retired about two years ago. I used to relieve him on the 74 and as he got his things together to get off the bus it sounded like the end of a family reunion, what with all the see-you-tomorrows and have-a-good-days.

Jesus will save our bowels

A friend and I were in Chicago for St. Patrick’s day last year. On our very first bus ride of the trip, down to the hostel where our friends were staying, an extremely large woman got on the bus. This woman took the seat right next to my friend. The unique thing was that as […]

Lady lovers

I take the bus every day at 7:00 in the moring, and every day there are these two lady lovers just kissing each other tounge and all. This guy was right next to them and I was behind the guy and he looked back at me like he saw a ghost he was so shocked. […]