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All tales from Route 70

Common sense is not common

Gotta love teenage drama in today’s society. I’m on the bus (only customer on) and chatting with the driver when the bus pulls up to West 7th St & Grand Ave. Two teenage “young ladies” get on and their in the middle of arguing with each other. So we go from a nice quiet ride […]

50 expired transfers

Let me start off by saying in the 5 years I’ve been riding the bus, I have never had anything strange happen on Route 70 (the route I ride 7 days a week), at least to me, the quietest route on the Metro Transit system. Today that changed.

Who needs soap operas?

I get to ride in with the “guests” staying at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility to Downtown St Paul every morning, cuz I live about one mile up the route from the jail. I ride home with ’em in the afternoons too, four days a week. I eavesdrop on all kinds of stories about carousing, […]