All tales from Route 64

Candy Hearts

On Valentines Day our bus driver gave out candy hearts to all the women on board. Then, about halfway through the trip, our driver said to the men on board that he would buy them lunch if they got up and put together a romantic sentence using the candy hearts. Nobody volunteered, but it was […]

Some white rhino

i was on my way home from summer school in the summer of ’07. i took the 64 as i usually did. while on payne ave. i noticed, while listening to my music, that three black men were talking to this white man. the white guy handed one of the black men a prescription drug […]

A Cardboard Box

I was taking the 64 home from downtown St Paul a few years ago. It was a cool, but beautiful, spring day. The sun was shining, but it was still cool enough to require a jacket. I had transferred from the 94 at Cedar, and a few blocks later a gentleman boarded the bus, clearly […]

Someday when you’re older

I was on the bus the other night when two thirteen years old got on and was sharing a transfer. The bus driver told them only one transfer per person. When they got seated one of them pulled out a cigarette and starting smoking. The bus driver pulled over and told them to get out. […]