All tales from Route 6

I told you that you’d get caught!

I got on the 6 one afternoon and since I didn’t know where I was going I sat near the driver, “Bob”. He was a pretty talkative guy and started telling me of a guy who gets on his bus each mornings.

Underlines and Question Marks

To the guy on the bus this morning who: a) Sat in the outside seat and forced other to stand, b) Sat his giant, blue duffle bag on the inside seat, c) Gnawed on the same apple for 25 minutes, d) Sat with his legs crossed, and

The round red imprint

Today (4/20) on the bus, a guy got on and refused to pay the fare. He must be a local bum/derelict/loafer/drunk known for doing this repeatedly, because the bus driver recognized him right away and said, “You don’t pay — you don’t get on. If you’re not paying, you cannot ride.” The bum/loafer/etc completely ignored […]

Dale is dead

Back on St. Patrick’s Day in March 2001, a friend and I were riding the 6 from downtown to uptown and the bus was crowded with a bunch of rowdy, drunk, cheerful fratboy types. We were smooshed in amongst them in the back of the bus, and as the bus began to empty of passengers […]

Big Mac Attack

So I got picked up on 34th street and there werent that many people on the bus and everything is going as it normally would. Then all of the sudden the bus driver pulls over the bus over right on hennepin in between lake and lagoon (which is odd because the bus never stops there […]


Some lady who is with her little girl all the time both have hair ratted-up like they just got outta bed. They were rideing the 6 line and the mother kept screaming at the kid. Yelling at the top of her lungs “stop!” to her child. The bus driver finally couldn’t take it no more […]

Love is on the bus

While I was going to college in downtown Minneapolis, I lived in Dinky Town and I rode the bus to school every day. There’s always interesting looking people riding but one day I noticed an albino guy at my bus stop. He was about 20 yrs old, clean and dressed nice

Did they actually squat down?

Halloween night I got on the bus around 10pm. Lots of fellow riders were dressed up, and a few were a little rowdy. It was cold but the bus had many of the windows open, which seemed strange, but I soon found out why.

A few big swigs for the road

When you take a very early bus to work, sometimes you get the guys that are just wrapping up the night before. Near Lake & Lyndale, a guy tries to get on with a bottle of gin. The bus driver won’t let him on because of the liquor. He steps back as others board the […]