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All tales from Route 6

The more ‘90210’ it gets

It’s just after 10:00 a.m. and I just got done with the hardest part of my day – the three hour, kick-ass workouts I’m doing all winter to train for the Vancouver Marathon in May. As I stand in the transit center in downtown Duluth, Minnesota; waiting for the #6 Mainline bus going east, I […]


Today, after hopping on the 6, outside Block E, I made my way to the back of the bus where there were two passengers. The first, a handsome young student who sat staring straight ahead. The second, and older man who was busy doing working on something in his lap. When I got closer, the […]

Bus Etiquette – The Comfort Zone

Scenario: So I head to my bus stop this morning, and it being January in Minnesota, it is FREEZING out! As I approach my stop there is one person waiting in front of me for the bus. I stop about 3 feet back from the guy to create a comfortable space between us. Shortly after […]

Picked up on a bus

So I get off the train from the airport coming back from a business trip out of state and am waiting for the six to take me home downtown. I’m just hanging out with my bag when this girl that had been standing there before I got there comes up and asks me where I […]

Words of wisdom

This morning I got on the 6 going downtown. The bus was slightly more crowded than usual, and I was standing for a little while. When we hit Loring Park, the bus was (obviously) more full, with more glum-looking commuters in the aisle.

Russian book

I was riding the #6 back from a movie at the U during the summer of 2007, and to pass the time, I was reading a mystery, “The White Bulldog” by Boris Akunin, a Russian author. (I was reading it in English translation.)

Rude Seat Hoggers

It never ceases to amaze me how rude some people can be when it comes to sharing their seat on the bus. These are the people who sit on the outer half of an empty double seat, blocking what should be another available seat.

Thunderous belch

It was raining this morning so instead of biking I decided to hop on the 6 to get downtown. It wasn’t too packed and I was able to snag a two-seater all to myself. About 5 minutes went by before I heard what sounded like someone ripped the vinyl seat cushion in half. Maybe that […]

Free floating gherkins

Has anyone else ridden the bus next to or near strange items? In my many years of riding the bus, I have had some strange co-passengers. Once I was going to St. Paul, and I rode near a large mound of cooked macaroni noodles.

Colored Suit Man

This isn’t a story about one event in particular, but rather a fond narrative of my favorite character who rides the bus. There are many people who play bit parts in my life – the excessively friendly guy who helps me at Caribou every morning; the guy who flirts with me when I buy groceries […]