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All tales from Route 54

People on the bus

I was on the 54 heading to Downtown St. Paul when we made a stop at W. 7th Street & Grand Avenue. A guy is standing outside the bus asking the bus driver questions. The guy says “Do you go near the Xcel Energy Center”? The driver replies by saying yes. Then the guy asks […]

Recall the horror

Late one night I was riding the 54 in downtown Saint Paul. It was the usual crowd riding the bus, workaholics & homeless people. After a few blocks I noticed a rancid smell, almost like vomit. I didn’t notice it when I got on the bus, but it was fairly strong. [warning: gross content]

Screechy Cocka-Doodle-Doos

This was a few years back, probably early 2001. I got on the 54 in St. Paul, headed home from high school. After paying my fare I looked for a seat and noticed every person on the bus was sitting in the front half of the bus. Trusting that the community of bus riders knew […]

Look deep into my eyes

Just when you make eye contact with a stranger, do you ever wonder what’s going through that other person’s mind at that moment? Well that’s usually how I think things through, but on this bus ride I met someone who verbalized everything that went through his head.

Here to straighten you out

Back in the days of Snelling Garage, I was in the drivers’ room when two of Metro Transit’s police came in and started using the phone. I listened for a bit and got curious enough to ask questions when they were done. It seems two youths of about fourteen years of age were riding the […]

Broken Glass Theory

It’s not actually a bus story, but rather the comments on the bus stops. Everybody knows now the “broken glass” theory, and it is completely relevant in relations to the cleanliness of the bus stops. It is not just the “face” of the Neighborhood, but a public health issue.