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All tales from Route 53

Peanut butter… jar… fingers

I ride the 53 each morning from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. I’ve seen people eat breakfast on the bus – a granola bar here, a Starbucks scone there. The woman sitting next to me this morning made a rather interesting – and pungent – breakfast choice: peanut butter. She proceeded to remove an entire jar […]

Making up time

I work for HOURCAR which means that I spend quite a bit of time biking and riding the bus around the cities to move our fleet of shared cars around and keep them in tip-top shape. Once last summer I biked over to a car at a shop on Lake Street and drove it back […]

Bus Buddies

I’ve been riding the express from East Lake Street to downtown St Paul for a few years now. Now it is the 53B, prior to that was a 90 something. I’ve met such nice people on the bus, we have a group that we named “Bus Buddies” we do things together, get together to celebrate […]