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All tales from Route 50

Steel Reserve – H20 edition

I was on the 50 this morning going to St. Paul. It’s a quiet bus and our driver is pretty awesome. 2 women and 3 kids get on–2 kids looked about 13, one about 5 or 6. They all had suitcases & had the look you get when you’ve just gotten back from vacation–‘get me […]

Campaign or conference call?

This morning, a nice lady got on the (standing room only) bus and was on her cellphone. She said what I assume was her first name “Ginger” and then proceeded to say “Hope” about 50 times, getting louder with each repetition. I imagined two possible scenarios:

Trashy revenge

This is more of a waiting for the bus stop story. It happened at the 16/50/21 stop in Midway going to Minneapolis–Albert St, I think. I was reading, waiting for the 50 going to Mpls. This guy pulls his hand out of his pocket and his transfer falls on the ground. I tell him and […]

The public rapper

Once a week I take my ~2 year old daughter on the 50, to visit her grandparents for the day. This week we were sitting in the front seat playing counting games on our hands and watching the urban charm of University avenue roll by.

Back door!

I was running late for class and a bus happened to reach a stop just as I did, so I hopped on. (Yes, I am one of those annoying U students who takes the bus two stops because they have an unlimited pass – but it is going to stop at both those stops anyway.)

Better than medieval lords

Last night I was waiting for the 50 by the armory, which was being used as a distribution point for the Salvation Army toy give away. Needy people were going in and coming out with big red bags full of toys.

They’re taking away your freedom

There was a period of time where I had a driver on the 50 who decided that the bus PA system was their own personal pulpit. I must say that this driver was punctual, polite, and cautious. I know that they meant well. However, it started getting weirder and weirder every day.

Wanna race?

Last friday I was riding the last 50 home around 6ish. As we were coming up to Porky’s I started noticing all of the cars that seem to flock to University on the weekends (muscle cars, imports, classics). Well when we stopped at the Fairview light, a souped up firebird pulled up on our left. […]

Keep your arm inside

The worst thing about riding the 50 down University at rush hour is the Snelling intersection (although right now the construction by the University campus is giving it a run for it’s money). As we were waiting through the 3rd light change, our bus driver decided she wasn’t going to have any more of it […]

Pet Peeve: Large Backpacks

I was sitting on an inside seat this a.m. when the seat next to me opened up. A girl with a JUMBO backpack was talking to another standing passenger and plunked down in the seat but continued to stay facing out into the aisle to continue her conversation.