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All tales from Route 4

Wrung Out

Sometimes I have to wait when catch the bus home after 9 or so. But the other night, an orange 4 was sighing to a halt in front of me within a few minutes — and I was thankful: after a long day, I felt like a dirty mop. I’d fought against the clock, but […]

Freeze pops and cell phones

Well last night I was on my way home from work. I was riding the 4 from downtown to the lyn lake area. The bus was going along smoothly until we were near MCTC. A woman was running trying to catch the bus. Lucky for her someone stopped the bus driver, informing him that the […]

She was a toucher!

The 4 was pretty crowded when I got on in downtown and I was forced to stand until we were well into uptown. When I finally got to sit, it was next to a rather attractive woman that lives down the street from me. This, of course, freaked me out and I was sitting on […]

Sign of Courtesy

This is a second-hand bus tale, but the source is trustworthy. My friend climbed aboard the 4 last year and as she was scanning the empty seats she noticed one where a bus schedule had been unfolded and draped over the back. There was something scribbled on it. When she walked closer she could read […]

I’m going to talk about money

I missed the express bus and needed to hop on the ‘slow boat’ 4 heading north into downtown. Around 36th street a woman got on – probably in her 50th, looking a little ragged – and sat in the front row next to a professional looking man.

Hopefully minus the insane

Where to begin? I ride the 4 just about everyday to and from work. Generally during the week, the bus is filled with people on their way to their jobs downtown. However, on occasion, you get that random, chatty person who is legally insane.

Rub the wrong way

Last night on the bus I stood in my favorite spot and posted up for the four stops home. Some guy comes in and stands directly in front of me, crowding my space. The bus was relatively empty and I figure he was invading my territory because that was his favorite spot.

Can’t tune out the horn

Since the 35w collapse, riding any bus that goes over the Hennepin ave bridge before or after work you may have noticed a longer ride than normal. I feel for any bus driver that has to sit in all that traffic.

Take it to the hole

For some reason Metro Transit hasn’t realized that they need to add more #4 buses during rush hour. Due to that fact, the evening rush hour #4 bus is always packed, and I always end up standing toward the front of the bus. The other day I got on and, per the usual, was standing […]

Juggling the ‘cakes

Okay- so the other day I hopped on the 4 in the morning on my way in to work. I had a pair of cute tall black boots on that have a fairly high heel. I was bringing in some cupcakes to work that day- so I had the pan of ‘cakes in one hand […]