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All tales from Route 270

Sailors were blushing

On the 270 this AM and when I got on, there was a woman speaking very loudly on her cellphone – okay, rude, but whatever. Then she started cussing a mean streak – Sailors were blushing!

20 cigarettes before the bus

With ipod in tow, I sat next to the window, shut my eyes and put trust in the driver to get me to work. A little Tripping Billies from DMB Crash album got me to humming a bit. While I did not realize I was a humming, a sharp bump from the bus, opened my […]

Stick to the Route

My least favorite driver on my return trip home (see The Tour Guide) loves to try to take “shortcuts” to get around unfavorable stop lights. Another time he even made the most pointless deviation from the route I could possibly imagine.

The Tour Guide

Give a man a microphone and a captive audience and you’re asking for trouble. Unfortunately, this is the case for one of the drivers on my afternoon return route. I call him “Tour Guide Driver”.