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All tales from Route 21

Baby Jam

Two young girls hopped on the 21 from their alternative school and didn’t look much older than 16 years old. One of their cell phone’s rang with the ring tone to a Justin Bieber song. The other girl goes… “OOOOOHHHH!! That was my JAM when I was pregnant! Baby, Baby, Baby OOOOHH!”

What were you drinking?

On the 21 the other day, an old Native American man without any teeth stumbles on the bus, falling over and tripping over every one.

Scammed and in love

This happened to me on the 21 line way back in 1991, I recently wrote about it on my blog and thought I’d share…. As I sat on the bus on my way to my boyfriends house I noticed some gambling/betting happening. I was in a seat close by so I watched what was going […]

Santa and his Weed

I was taking the 21 and this lady with a stroller is flagging down the bus with her little girl. The bus stops, and waits for her, and she comes on the bus saying she’s too old to have kids. She’s searching all of her pockets and in the stroller for her transfer and she […]

“Swine-infested” bus

As the swine flu pandemic continues it finally hit the metro bus 21. I was heading to a job interview in the middle of the day so that bus was fairly crowed but I still managed a seat towards the front. As the bus pulls up to the next stop there was a woman standing […]

Help, I need somebody

I looked up from my magazine at the noises of consternation erupting throughout the bus . We’d taken a wrong turn. As we looped through a grocery store parking lot, the driver apologized and joked with the people in the front of the bus. Momentarily united, they spontaneously, unbelievably, began to sing: “Help, you know […]

Four Calls

I thought I would spare my friend the hassle of coming all the way to pick me up in Minneapolis, so I just bussed over to St. Paul with the help of the 21. This was my first experience taking this route, and boy, was it a good one.

I Drove the Getaway Bus

I was driving an eastbound 21. A man boarded at Marshall and Cretin, carrying a loaded pillow-case (not unusual – there’s a laudromat up the street). He just walked past the farebox; after a block or two I asked for his fare. “I showed you my pass” he said. I asked to see it again, […]

Drug-trade lingo

Before my present address I lived in a halfway house for recovering addicts. As required, we all attended a minimum of two meeting a week. On the way to one such meeting, some guys offered to sell my friends some Ecstasy (calling them, I believe, “thizzles” or something). After responding to the offer in the […]

Justice on the Bus

“I’ve got your back.” Not words I am used to hearing, not in real life, certainly not directed at me. Until yesterday on my way home from work, I’ve never had occasion to feel emboldened by these words. It felt great. For the first time ever I could detect a hint of the security one […]