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All tales from Route 2

This is like Heaven

About a month ago, I was getting on a very crowded bus 2 where only standing room was left. The other passengers filed in after me until the bus was completely full, and still people were trying to board. As one last passenger stepped onto the first step of the bus, our driver yelled out […]

Stroller logic puzzle

This happened when my daughter was about 2 and a half. We were taking the bus home, I forget from where, and the only seat was toward the back. So I folded up the stroller, stuck it under the seat, and put her on my lap. Getting off the side door of a bus with […]

Brush and drive

I used to ride the 2 bus home from the U of M campus. My stop was the last one, and the bus drivers often got off after the passengers to take a break on the Holiday station nearby.

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Last night I was riding the #2 bus from Franklin and Chicago to the end of the line on Hennepin. I took a seat in the middle of the bus, but as most of the passengers got off at Nicollet, that left only a few of us between Nicollet and Lyndale and I could sort […]

If she doesn’t like the smell

Last night, I overheard the following on the No. 2: “If she doesn’t like the smell, she shouldn’t ride the bus. I mean, if she’s rich, she should take a taxi or something.” Not sure if I was the “she” in question, but I thought things smelled fine.

Feel the braid

Reading the bus tale ‘Comb my hair‘ reminded me of the creepiest thing that I’ve ever seen on the bus. There was a man sitting across the aisle from me, he was average-looking, wearing a dress shirt and slacks and in front of him was a woman with braided hair. Her braids were hanging over […]

Oversized Mobility Scooter

I wait for my bus line 2 while I am sitting in my power wheelchair (normal size) at 22nd/Franklin Ave, rolled into secured area. While riding my bus to the Lyndale/Franklin Ave, I saw a oversized mobility scooter at Bloomington/Franklin Ave, the elderly woman’s scooter face forward onto the lift, the driver told elderly “Turn […]

Proofread my love letter

Bakersfield, California. 105 degrees, and I am waiting for the 2 to show. At the bus stop is a guy who, for whatever reason, is wearing a heavy flannel shirt. Out of nowhere, he asks, “Can I ask you what your opinion of this is?” I didn’t really say yes or no, and had no […]

Hissy Pop

I had a woman riding my bus today who had just come from Aldi’s with a few bags of groceries. I must have braked a little too hard pulling into a stop, because her bags tipped over, spilling groceries all over the aisle (that’s what happens when you don’t hold your bags, folks). Among these […]

Purse dogs want a good view too

I got on the bus yesterday to see a woman with a rather large purse sitting about halfway to the back. Then her purse started moving. Turns out she had a very small dog in the purse. After further observation I saw that this very small purse-dog was wearing a dog-sized down coat, complete with […]