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All tales from Route 18

Deepest reaches of his personhood

A rotund dude got on the bus wearing a track suit. It was pretty crowded, and I was sitting near the back. He put some coins in the fare box and proceeded to walk towards an open seat. The bus driver called him back because he was a bit short. He walked back and while […]


A slightly nutty guy wearing a knit hat with the word “RESPECT” emblazoned on it got on the bus and started making fun of me, saying I was “big as hell” and laughing (well, I am fat…), then he started commenting on a couple of girls’ gloves then begged someone for a piece of gum […]

Bob Koebensky, 1945-2006

Bob was a MTCO driver in the late 60’s. He drove the 18 that traveled up and down Hennepin Ave. That was where he met the love of his life, Jan. They got married a year or so after their first meeting. They had two beautiful boys, who are now grown.

Friend who is a girl

It was my last trip of the night (about 11), on a mostly empty bus. A young woman got on and sat in one of the front side-facing seats. After a bit, she leaned in to me and said “can I ask you a personal question?” I paused for a moment.

Bye Shannon!

Normally if I attend any sort of Happy Hour activity after work I like to take a cab home because the 18 can get pretty sketchy after rush hour. Well, tonight I went to happy hour and only stayed for two drinks so I thought, well it’s still early, so I’ll hop the 18 home […]