All tales from Route 17

Don’t patronize me

This morning I hopped on the 17 heading downtown, as I do every work day. It was crowded, and I tumbled to the back to stand slightly behind the back door. A young woman about my age was standing in the steps.

Celebratory Dance

Many years ago I was riding the bus to work and, lo and behold! My brother got on. He was not much of a bus rider, plus I hadn’t seen him in awhile, so I was really happy. We started chatting and then I asked him about his new girlfriend (fast forward several years for […]

Stern and motherly

Many years ago I was on a crowded bus and this kid sat down by me. He was wearing really baggy pants and stunk like only a teenaged boy can stink…sweat and filth and gym socks and stuff. After awhile I felt him sort of jiggling and I looked over to glare at him and […]

Mind your own business?

I was riding home on the 17 after a long hard day of work. I found the last remaining open seat. The bus was packed–standing room only. I drifted off into my own thoughts and blocked out all the noise around me.

The Jungle Minx

This morning I came across a rare bus breed: the jungle minx. This woman had on tight, leopard print stretch pants, a puffy, zebra print coat, a leopard-print scarf, and a large, black fur hat. I don’t know what the fashion rule is about mixing animal prints but I’m pretty sure she broke it.

Orange, come back home

One day I was merrily riding to work on the 17 with my gym tote, purse, and lunch bag in tow. I had chosen a seat on the vertical bench seats in back to allow myself extra room and since there was no one sitting on my left side, I used the space to set […]