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All tales from Route 17

Dinner, my treat

This evening, as I was taking the 17 bus home from downtown into Uptown, the ride was uneventful until we got to the stop at the bridge over the freeway on Nicollet Ave. A boisterous woman got on the bus, and told the driver, “I’m the one with the handcap. I’ve been on your bus […]

Turning a blind eye

So, I was waiting for the bus at Uptown Transit today when this blind guy was trying to get on a bus to ask which one it was. He heard it approach, and the bus lane is for buses to stop only, but traffic on Hennepin was bad and people are jerks and were using […]

Walk on, Walk Off

I was on a 17, dt and 9th a young 20 something girl gets on and walks past the fare and asks if anyone has $.50 and one of the other passengers digs in his pocket grabs couple quarters and by this time the bus was headed to the next stop the girl gets the […]

Keep Austin Weird

Hi Minnesotans. I’m a former Twin Cities resident now living in Austin, TX. While riding the Capital Metro 17 through downtown Austin an “interesting” character boarded with a guitar and sat in the back row. That part of the bus is elevated, creating sort of a stage. He proceeded to serenade us with an improv/ad […]

Santa can’t use the reindeer

The 17 is one of those curious bus lines that come out of downtown, mixing the suits, bums, students, uptowners, retail workers, and the unusually usual cast of the urban theater. On one particular afternoon I was heading back from the U and the 17 Southbound had just crossed the I-94 canyon. The riders were […]

Driver or Fire Fighter?

On my way to work this morning, my bus pulled up to the stop on Grant and Nicollet. Almost immediately, I began smelling something burning, kind of like a campfire. I looked up and noticed that others were wrinkling their noses and looking around, also trying to place the smell.

The next bus might not be free

Today Metro Transit was offering free rides on all the new “Go Greener” Hybrid buses, running on the 17 and 18 lines. I knew about the promotion, but many people didn’t, so the driver on my first trip of the day was saying things like “Free ride today on this bus” as people got on. […]


So I’m coming back from the downtown YWCA and this drunk stinker was sitting up at the front of the bus making a gun with his fingers and pointing it at people’s heads going “PKEW”!

Exposed in public

I have been a bus rider for a few years and I think this is the weirdest thing I have seen. I was riding the 17 along Nicolett Mall, when I got on, I saw a woman breast feeding a child, with her breast exposed. I don’t care whether or not a mother is breast […]

Adam’s Apples & RuPaul-esque Voices

June 13, 2007…after I left the YWCA, I got on a 17 bus to head to my next destination. A few blocks outside of downtown, two rather tall african american women in extremely short skirts boarded the bus and did not pay their fare. From the adam’s apples and RuPaul-esque voices, I determined that they […]