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All tales from Route 16

Eric Skripka Donations

As many bus riders have likely read, a good Samaritan who was attempting to stop a thug from beating on his girlfriend got a whole heap of hurt for his efforts: http://www.twincities.com/ci_15608389

Meeting in the Middle

I was riding the 16 around 10pm, and it was just me and two other guys in the back area. The two guys made eye contact, and start to communicate a drug deal. The bag not looking too great to begin with, was first offered at $40, the customer felt he must barter and suggested […]

Finding Relief at the Bus Stop

Last Friday I was waiting for the 16 route bus at nicollet mall and washington. I was waiting in the shelter looking head, so I turn around to see if a bus was coming and this older guy was standing there pissing. Ackkk, anyways the guy then walks over to his wheelchair which was outside […]

Hacking loogies is not directly banned

The left front handicapped seat this morning was filled with a covered stroller. The right front handicapped seat was filled with a very large baby mama and her equally large younger sister. I was in the seat right behind.

Colon Cleanser

There are some strange bus riders and drivers. What do you think of the black lady driver that wears a different colored flower on the side of her head every day. I remember a black driver that did this 15 or 20 years ago. is this the same lady driver?

Soooo eco-friendly

I was taking the 16 to Sunday brunch with my old college roommates and the bus was filled with the normal variety of people you see on the 16 every day. There was a mother, daughter and son that seemed out of place based on their name brand handbags and conversation,

If you’re that unwell

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how in the last few weeks you start to move slower and slower and slower. The six blocks between my house and the University and Snelling bus stop increase from a five minute walk to a 15 minute walk in the weeks before my son was born.

Not a hat at all

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me on the bus happened last winter. This guy sat down in front of me, and I thought to myself, “my, what an interesting stocking cap he’s wearing!”. The cap in question was navy blue, and flipped very casually to one side of the back of the […]

Stroller struggle

I try to be as polite as possible when riding the bus with my baby — I avoid rush hour, I use the tiny 5 dollar umbrella stroller. I stick myself and the baby into the front seat, which makes me take up both seats but with the stroller across in front of me.

The rare celebrity seat

This story involves a local celebrity. I will omit his name and the name of the television show he hosts (it’s on PBS), but there’s a sort of trademark that this man has that’ll be a dead give away for any one who watches his show: he always wears a scarf, be it winter or […]