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All tales from Route 14

Happy hour detour

We had a little celebratory happy hour at work today so I bussed it instead of riding my bike. The happy hour was a good time, and as I left the office to catch my bus, I was in a good mood. Things got better still as I rounded the corner on 6th and Nicolet […]

America’s cauldron

Winter has knocked me off the bike for regular commuting, but I am still riding somewhat for errands and recreation. Maybe I’ll commute next week, as I have been saying for the last month or so…

Doll-sized companions

When I was in High School I used to take the same bus home everyday. There was a woman who lived in my neighborhood that also took the same bus. I would watch her everyday because she always had “traveling companions” with her. She seemed to believe that she had several people with her, that […]

Cautious to a Fault

Every now and then, for no apparent reason, bus rides turn in horrible ordeals. Tonight was one such night. My Route 14 was supposed to pick us up at 6th and Nic at 5:40. At 5:50 we were still waiting there with no sign of a 14 anywhere.

A little slack

While commuting to my job back in the early 1980s, I happened to sit next to a woman who scowled when she heard two Hmong women speaking their native language and started railing about all the “Vietnamese” immigrants who lived in crowded apartments and were on welfare and “refused” to learn English.

Don’t wet your sweatpants

Heading north on the 14, I had forgotten that the Vikings game would release its masses at about the time my bus would reach the outer limits of downtown. It was pouring out for most of the day but many people didn’t have umbrellas, including

Good hard thwacks

I ride early enough in the morning that most of the time I get a seat to myself. Some mornings are packed for some reason, and for some reason the same lady used to always seems to sit next to me. I get on before she does so I end up with a window seat […]

The “real” bikers left

It was about 1984…a kid, about the age of 11 or 12, pulls from jacket what looked to me to me to be a very realistic to real gun which I hope was a bb-gun, and shows it to me in threatening manner…with grin… I WAS DOING NOTHING BUT RIDING!!!

Really nice arc

On the way home from work tonight, we drove past a bus stop across the street from the metrodome, on 6th st. This guy was slumped over on the bench like he was about to pass out, except that he had his (thing) out and was pissing all over the bench, he had a pretty […]

Damn payless boots

I left work in the middle of the day (riding the bus mid-day is where the trouble starts) to go to an appointment. I was on the bus, minding my own business, reading, etc. I heard a women getting onto to the bus making all kinds of “struggling” type noises. Lots of “Oooh Lord” and […]