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All tales from Route 11

Stumble and Bob

This happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago or so, but it’s worth posting. He was on a bus in South Minneapolis on his way to a job interview when a stumbling drunk of a man pulls himself onto the bus, swings around on the pole and sits down w/o paying. The […]

“I just like to have FUN” guy

So the other day I was riding the 11. It was rush hour, probably around 5 p.m., so as you can imagine, the bus was fairly full. We were nearing the MIA when a man got on the bus. At first I thought he was vision impaired because he had on sunglasses and I could […]

Smelly Red Jacket Guy

I ride the 11C from downtown every weekday. If I ride the 5:04 bus, 9 times out of 10, a 50’s-ish gentleman (stretch of the term, really) inevitably sits with me, should I have happened to find an open seat. This wouldn’t bother me normally, but this particular guy in a red jacket, is a […]

Kid gets STD from…

I was listening to this older women telling/complaining to the driver how all these kids who share dirty headphones on those music devices is what is causing the spread of STD’s and AIDS and other diseases. She thought all the music companies should provide wipes to clean off the headphones as people share them. I […]

Foundation stains

Was riding the 11 when this crazy obviously drugged up woman was woken up by her boyfriend before their stop. She proceeded to attempt to groom herself and put on about 2 pounds of makeup (it wasn’t even close to being enough to cover all the sores on her face) and make a few swipes […]

Revenge of the rejected

I was commuting to work as usual, when a small group of people boarded the bus, and the last gal to get on was suddenly harrassed by the bus driver. He told her that he wouldn’t drive the bus if she got on. She got on, paid and sat down up front and he continued […]