All tales from Route 10

I’ll give you one of my teeth

Being i had no other way to get to work, i called the public bus company and asked where i wait for the bus, what time, and what bus number. they told me to wait on colorado blvd. and 11th Ave. stupid me . . . i went there, but i was waiting on the […]

The Devil and his devoured book

I have been looking for an outlet to this story for quite some time. I work in Nordeast so I typically ride the 6 downtown then transfer to the 10 or i just ride the 17W. This particular day I was riding the 10. After crossing the bridge on Hennepin, a man entered the bus. […]

No follow through

On a Saturday when coming back from Central Library on bus. Bus full of noisy rude kids 17 to 22 yrs. old. Swearing, screaming, bouncing back and forth in isle acting like they owned the thing and quiet passengers definately out numbered. One group exceptionally bad, had a couple girls that were acting up and […]

Any milk in that digit?

I was riding in the back of the No. 10 down Central Avenue the other day on the way to downtown Minneapolis very early in the morning. A woman got on with a little girl who looked to be about 5 or 6 years old.