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Sunday Bus Ride in Duluth

Sunday Morning. August 19, 2012. West Superior Street in downtown Duluth is full of street junkies and amateur drunks today; paired up with a couple of bag ladies, end-of-the-line hookers and a panhandler (with a working cell phone!). Yay! They’re all getting onto the first eastbound Duluth Transit bus leaving downtown Duluth. Continue reading ‘Sunday Bus Ride in Duluth’

Dinner, my treat

This evening, as I was taking the 17 bus home from downtown into Uptown, the ride was uneventful until we got to the stop at the bridge over the freeway on Nicollet Ave.

A boisterous woman got on the bus, and told the driver, “I’m the one with the handcap. I’ve been on your bus before, I have a plate in my foot, don’t start the bus til I’m sitting down.” She gets on the bus, sits down, the driver starts the bus. The woman starts saying “hi” to people she knows, which wound up being half the bus – most of these people didn’t seem to recognize her, but she knew many of their names and said “I see you on the bus all the time!” Continue reading ‘Dinner, my treat’

Tiny Dancer sing-along

From the driver: I got bored driving the Milledge Ave. route on a Friday so I got my entire bus to sing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” just like in the movie “Almost Famous”. Thanks to the guy who filmed this and then emailed me the video.

I wanna be a billionaire

Met a young man yesterday on the #111 Skyline (DART). He has plans to be a billionaire. Big plans: either by the rap music he writes or by being a porn star, undecided which it would be. He wiggled out of his shoes, because they were hot, and he was wearing his mama’s socks. One pink toe, one blue toe, stopped just past his heel.

Happy hour detour

We had a little celebratory happy hour at work today so I bussed it instead of riding my bike. The happy hour was a good time, and as I left the office to catch my bus, I was in a good mood. Things got better still as I rounded the corner on 6th and Nicolet to see what I was certain was a 14C bus at the stop. Fantastic! No wait whatsoever. That never happens to me – I’m always the dork standing out there for 10 minutes waiting for the bus. Continue reading ‘Happy hour detour’

The more ‘90210’ it gets

It’s just after 10:00 a.m. and I just got done with the hardest part of my day – the three hour, kick-ass workouts I’m doing all winter to train for the Vancouver Marathon in May. As I stand in the transit center in downtown Duluth, Minnesota; waiting for the #6 Mainline bus going east, I look at my sweaty iPod earbuds and decide against cranking my music until the bus shows up (if ever). It’s been a while since I’ve been entertained by downtown Duluth street theater, and believe it or not, it’s good. The #6 shows up, we all get on, and I head for the least dirty, least smelly place towards the back. Continue reading ‘The more ‘90210’ it gets’

Gnarly Yellow Toenails

I glanced across the aisle and winced. I could not un-see what I had just seen.

A man had taken his foot out of his shoe and was resting it on top of the shoe. But… he had no sock on, and he had the gnarliest long yellow toenails I have ever seen. Hope I never see anything like that again.

DUDE. Put some SOCKS on.

Peanut butter… jar… fingers

I ride the 53 each morning from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. I’ve seen people eat breakfast on the bus – a granola bar here, a Starbucks scone there. The woman sitting next to me this morning made a rather interesting – and pungent – breakfast choice: peanut butter. She proceeded to remove an entire jar of Skippy from her handbag and eat it. From the jar. With her fingers. Meditate on that for a second, okay? Peanut butter … jar … fingers. (Good luck with that Adkins diet, lady.)

America’s cauldron

Winter has knocked me off the bike for regular commuting, but I am still riding somewhat for errands and recreation. Maybe I’ll commute next week, as I have been saying for the last month or so… Continue reading ‘America’s cauldron’

Doll-sized companions

When I was in High School I used to take the same bus home everyday. There was a woman who lived in my neighborhood that also took the same bus. I would watch her everyday because she always had “traveling companions” with her. She seemed to believe that she had several people with her, that I can only imagine were approximately the size of dolls. Continue reading ‘Doll-sized companions’